Sunday, August 23, 2009

CD stash revisited

So, I pretty much have the same diapers as before (the whole selling the old ones to get new ones practice has not started!)

I now have:
14 OS BG 3.0 (4 white, 2 yellow, 4 pink, 3 zinnia, 1 blue)
9 medium HH (ballerinas, ballet shoes, mums)
1 Blueberry minky (pink on chocolate)
2 large Swaddlebees AIO snaps (pink martini and lavender)
2 OS Swaddlebees (pink martini and lime)
2 medium FB (purple and pink gingham)
1 Grobaby shell and 3 soakers (purple)
1 Softbums shell and 3 soakers (lt pink)
2 Mommy's Touch OS AIO (pink and hot pink)
1 medium GAD (Hot pink with black)
1 Smartipants (lt pink)
6 Swaddlebees prefolds w/1 onesize snap cover (pink)

Yes, there are some that I like more than others. Yes, I should probably sell some. But I like that I have a variety and I can use different diapers based on what our daily schedule is going to be. Now that DD is almost 9 months, I am really happy that I have been buying more diapers with snaps! When we go out, I almost always grab the grobaby and the softbums. The bumgenius are still one of my favorites and are the only ones we use at nighttime. Unfortuntely, since they are nine months old they are definately showing they are well loved. For whatever reason, I hardly use my FB. On a positive note, my small FB look practically new and I will be trying to sell those!

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