Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A New Mei Tai

I really LOVE babywearing! With my first two babies I used an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder sling and a Baby Bjorn Active. Anyone familiar with the Bjorn knows that there is a limited time frame a parent can use it with their child. Also, the Bjorn and similar carriers are not the best for babies and their growing bodies...

With DD#3, I wanted to babywear and was interested in other carriers. I bought a Slinglings fitted sling, which I loved for the first three months. I bought a WAHM Mei Tai, but it was not structured enough...the material used seemed too flimsy. I purchased a Sutemi and it's by far my favorite. It is so comfortable and easy to use.

Then I saw a new Mei Tai...the GloryBaby ( ). The two features that I really like and what lacked in my former carrier are the hood and the ability to be fully reversable! I have drooled over the beautiful fabrics online and I got a glimpse of some at the Coastal Kids Market today ( ) I wished I got my consignment check before the sale was over!

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