Saturday, July 18, 2009

(NDOTB) The New Detergent on the Block

Soooo, even though I love Country Save for all of my laundry needs, I am curious about other detergents out there. Especially since a few cloth diaper companies are formulating their unique blend. The Natural Baby Company, masterminds of the Gro Baby phenomena (I love, love, love my 1 gro baby shell and 3 soakers) is introducing their proprietary detergent- Tiny Bubbles. You can check it out here . The packaging really draws me in, it has a retro feel and makes me happy, like laundry should be fun and not a daunting task. The fact that the detergent can be used for my cloth diapers is the icing on the cake! Welcome, Tiny Bubbles, you are the NDOTB!

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