Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Like I Was Living in the Olden Days

So, I was helping out in our church nursery last Sunday and talking to the other moms. One of the moms, who is very young was talking about her baby boy. Apparently, he has a milk allergy so she nursed him for a full month. She even cloth diapered (the old school way) because he was extremely sensitive to sposies. When her mother showed her how she had to dunk the diapers in the toilet, she refused. "What breastfeeding and cloth diapering?!?! We are not in the Old Times!" So now he is formula fed (like his brother was) and wearing the "natural" huggies, which she even says work horrible (and are super expensive). But she says it's work the extra money not to have to use cloth diapers...To each their own.

When she said that comment, I chuckled inside while the other mother (knowing I cloth diaper and breastfeed) said, "Sometimes that way is better actually". I just thought it was a really funny moment.

I won't even get started when I told them I never had an epidural...

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  1. I can understand the cloth diapers, that's pretty common, but the attitude towards breastfeeding seems really bizarre to me. They're the ones living in the olden days!