Thursday, May 28, 2009

No, its NOT diarrhea!

Ok, maybe I am the only nursing mama that finds this frustrating....I will be at the Y or at church and DD will have a BM and leak through her clothing (because she is EBF and she is wearing a disposable). So when I pick her up, the nursery worker will say, "I think you daughter is sick because she had diarrhea". To which I just shrug and say "OK". Its not worth trying to explain...Just another example to prove breastfeeding is NOT popular in the Savannah. In RI, I never had anyone tell me one of daughters had diarrhea, they would just say "she had a BM and leaked through her clothing". It still blows my mind though because seeing the EBF poo and thinking its diarrhea means that not only did the workers not nurse their children but that none of the children at church or the Y nurse! WOW.

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