Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Mommies

Alex and Sam love helping me out! One morning they gave Bri a bath. Granted, if Bri wasn't such a laid back type of gal, this would never happen!

After reading all week, I wanted to take some pics of the girls holding their babies! Since I can't sew (yet) we just used some receiving blankets. The girls are super excited that I won "Fluff Friday" and are anxiously waiting for their doll cloth diapers!
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  1. Congratulations, Liz! I'm sorry you had such a rough week. The girls are getting so big!

  2. I want to invite you to the Mommie Daze Virtual Baby Shower that I am hosting May 15 to June 8. This is an international even and there are prizes! Stop by my blog for all the details.

  3. CUTE girls! & yup def posted on the cloth diaper whisperer ;) i love giveaways hehe hopefully ill get some on my blog soon!