Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Having a REALLY Good Day!

Today was a good day and I was constantly wondering when I was going to wake up.
Let's see:
-We got up, dressed and out of the house on time (if not early)
-I went to a GREAT spin class that was challenging and fun
-Bri slept at the Y
-Bri continued to sleep when we got home and I got to take a REAL shower, blowdry my hair, and put on make-up
-I lost two pounds this week
-I checked my usual websites and my SIL won a contest
-It was a beautiful, sunny day. A day so perfect that one couldn't help but smile. A day that made me happy that we moved to GA.
-I picked the girls up from school, we grabbed lunch and spent the afternoon at the park.

Then I "woke up"
-The girls crashed hard after the sugar high they were riding all afternoon (thanks to Valentine party the school said they weren't going to have)
-The diaper bag I had been eyeing for over a week was "sold out" as I was checking out

But all-in-all STILL a great day! Life with three little girls can be crazy and I am just so happy that I had a day that I can look back on and say "I do have good days!"

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